Apr. 17th, 2017

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I'm ticking along not doing very much. We don't go out very often and when we do my main enjoyment is the driving so I'm happy to take Tony to any number of old churches for him to photograph, and to stay in the car with my kindle.

I'm enjoying Intermittent Fasting - the best I've done is a 110 hours, 2 days at one meal a day and then a further 70 hours fasting - which I've just broken with cheesy, eggy cabbage & spinach. Now I'm really full. My weight is coming down nicely - I'm down to 78.8 kilos - which when you think that in 2009 I was 113 is pretty good. My aim is to 68 kilos - or if I lose more - or less - with the IF and low carb/high fat/medium protein then so be it.

I've also stopped using 'product' on my hair. I wash it 2 or 3 times a week with hot water - I've got bicarbonate of soda for if it gets really greasy and cider vinegar for if the dandruff comes back. Where my hair has always been very fine and flat to my head, now it's fluffy and looks quite thick.

So all in all - apart from the fibro and CFS everything is going well.
Showing weight loss

This is me last month - I'm actually getting a shape instead having a rectangular torso


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