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I lost my phone last week when we were in Lewes. I help Tony get my scooter out of the car these days - he can't manage on his own and I hurt anyway so why not - and I think it must have come out of my cardigan pocket when lifting in or out. I had squeezed the car into a spot where we could only just get the scooter to the floor between them, so the phone would probably have gone under the other one. I contacted the police on Saturday evening by email and on Monday they emailed me to say that they thought it had been handed in.

The police station is only open on Monday - Friday 10.00 - 14.00. Over the weekend I had cancelled my sim cards and, using Google, I'd wiped all my stuff on it and restored the manufacturer's defaults. When we collected the phone the battery was dead - of course - so I plugged it in and it immediately switched on and wiped everything, it was fun to watch - and nice to know that it actually worked.

I'm in the middle of being re-assessed for ESA, I had to have the form back in at the beginning of May and I have no idea when I'll hear anything - they'll probably wait until after the election in case everything changes. I'll admit to being a bit scared of the tories getting back in. We're in a better position, financially, than we've ever been, but between the worry over Esa and then I'm still on Disability living allowance and have to go through the change over to PIP - I know what getting dla was like and this is supposed to be much more difficult to get. If I lose the car - none of us would be able to get anywhere until we can get another, I'm the only driver and need a relatively high car for access, automatic and with room in the boot for my scooter and Shirley's wheelchair.

I also find the conservative manifesto - and attitudes - offensive. They seem to want us to congratulate them for keeping the human rights legislation -for the whole of the next parliament'. They want to change the laws regarding the wording of refugees and asylum seekers too. They are quite happy to stop free school meals for infants but they get subsidised meals and alcohol in the Houses of Parliament and the Lords - and their salary is about 3 times the national average. I didn't think much of Corbyn - but his manifesto makes a lot of sense. Hopefully Labour could get the 'grey' vote.

I'm trying to maintain my weight for the next few weeks. It's a rocky time, my dad died 5 years ago next week, his birthday was in June and my mum is especially needy at the moment. Especially as she's not seen much of my brother as he's been ill. No-one even rings her to ask how she is or if she needs anything if he doesn't. I'm 250 miles away, so can hardly nip and get her some milk from Lidl - or more importantly - get her cash and have her transfer the money into my bank - though I've said that I will do, I can always post it to her. Anyway big brother went to see her on Friday so that raised her spirits a little. On Thursday she was on the phone to me at just after 8 am depressed, worried and close to/in tears.

My weight is 78 kilos - or there about (12 st 4 lbs or 172 lbs). I'm down from 113 kilos - nearly 250 lbs - so I'm trying to get my body to settle for this weight and reduce my set point and then I'll try to take off another couple of stone so that I'm about a 22/3 on the bmi. Or until my waist is under 34 inches. I never thought I'd get to thinking about maintenance.

That's it for now.
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