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I've been reading more keto, high fat, and other nutrition books recently. These are the best ones that I'd recommend.

Fat for Fuel - Dr Joseph Mercola

The Rosedale Diet - Dr Ron Rosedale (Leptin resistance)

The Clever guts diet - Dr Michael Mosley (re-setting your microbiome)

Diabetes Epidemic and you - Dr. Joseph Kraft (re released from the mid 20th century)

The Complete Guide to fasting - Dr. Jason Fung & Jimmy More

The Obesity Code - Dr. Jason Fung

The Secret Life of Fat - Sylvia Tara - a book telling us just how much we need fat.

The Banting Pocket Guide - Prof Tim Noakes, Bernadine Douglas, Bridgette Allan

Not on the Label - what really goes into the food on your plate - Felicity Lawrence

Salt Sugar Fat - Michael Moss

The 8 week blood sugar diet - Dr Michael Mosley

These are a few of the nutrition books - and books about the food we eat - over the last few months. I've read many, many more - too many to name here.

The thing it has taught me is to keep away from processed food. If it has to have an ingredient list then it's not the way Nature intended. Oranges grow on trees - Orange juice doesn't - it's processed oranges. Grains grow in fields - breakfast cereal, white rice, bread of any colour, flour pasta - they are all processed. Tony used to live on 'good' ready meals - vegetarian ones - Shirley had the best ready meals too. Not any more. I make them from scratch and freeze them. No additives.

The thing I've found is that I've been not getting enough salt. I've added sea salt or iodised salt and my cramp is so much better. When I fast - which I often do for 3-5 days I add a teaspoon of salt to water and drink it once a day and I have raw apple cider vinegar - a couple of tablespoons twice a day - all helping me to lose weight. When I first started fasting I thought I'd kicked the chronic fatigue into touch, but it came back - not as bad, I am more alert, but it's still there. Who'd have thought that not eating is good for gaining energy - stands to reason when you think about it.

Date: 2017-05-21 05:30 pm (UTC)
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Cooking from fresh is always best.

I'm veggie and never buy ready made.

Date: 2017-05-22 03:32 pm (UTC)
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Salt is important. If I don't get enough salt in a day, my body seems to not absorb the water I drink, so I become dehydrated and feel quite bad, really. (And when I'm dehydrated I crave sugary drinks, which just goes to show how everything is somehow interconnected.)

Ready-meals, though... Living in a single-person household means I really can't be bothered to cook from scratch every day. So I'm learning how to make ready-meals for myself! Basically this means keeping cooked carbs in the freezer... I have an array of small, portion-sized tubs of cooked rice, potatoes and pasta, and then I have small bags of frozen sauce or stew that I can put into each tub before giving it a whirl in the microwave and sit down for dinner. It takes a bit of practice - especially to get the pasta al dente after microwaving - but it's just making life so much simpler. It's processed food - as most food is, when you think about it. But once you get the hang of it you really can't tell the difference between a home.made ready-meal and something freshly cooked from scratch.

(And going to the freezer seems such a treat now! Do I want rice with a beef Stroganoff, or do I want noodles with a veggie curry? There are so many options every night! I love my freezer and my microwave... The latter I would have forsworn ever buying, but I inherited my grandmother's and it really... Well, it just works well with my freezer!)


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